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My Konjac Sponge -- All Natural Luxurious Konjac Sponge | konjac sponge natural eco fiber rejuvenate skin skin face body puff - My Konjac Sponge is a trusted brand for all natural and biodegradable konjac sponge that is so soft for your skin. Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and baby skin.

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  • M Cooper - Over-rated

    I used this product for over a year and it did nothing for me. I much prefer the shampoo that I am now using which is "Perfect Hair shampoo (hair regrowth shampoo). Which is also a lot cheaper. A big difference from the first time I used the Perfect Hair shampoo. M. Cooper.

  • Frances Barfield - It is very easy to understand and comprehend

    I got this book for my son to help him score as high as he can on the ASVAB test. It is very easy to understand and comprehend. He is already able to answer questions correctly that he couldn't before. I recommend this study guide to anyone who is wanting to increase their score on the ASVAB test. I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion and review. The lack of cost did not sway my opinion or review in any way. I would have posted the same review if I had paid full price for this product.

  • Hawkeye_Couple - Has helped me keep from gaining weight after surgery

    I bought this fat burner to help me keep from putting on weight after a surgery and so far so good. I ruptured my bicep and because I'm a laborer I will be off work for several months. I definitely suffer from boredom eating so that combined with not being able to lift weights for the first time in 20+ years had me really worried about packing on the pounds. I've been taking these for a while now and so far I haven't gained a pound. I don't get jittery from them although I definitely have an excess of energy. That's largely due to the decrease in my activity level though I think. No problem with them keeping me up at night. I am a caffeine addict though so anyone with less of a tolerance should avoid taking them too late in the day. I haven't gotten to the end of the bottle yet but from my experience with similar supplements I would also highly recommend tapering off of these as well to avoid caffeine headaches. They can be brutal!

  • J. Cobb - Comfort!

    These drops were recommended to me after my laser eye surgery for vitreous detachment. They relieved the dryness and discomfort. Months after the surgery I use them on mornings when I awake with dry eyes.