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Welcome to Pediatric Behavioral Health! : Pediatric Behavioral Health - Pediatric Behavioral Health is a multi-specialty group practice, specializing in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, educational testing and advocacy, with the goal of helping children and families lead satisfying healthy lives.

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  • Surface Pro Owner - Great Pocket PC

    What I needed this for what strictly to stream my Xbox One from the living room to my bedroom. I was worried this little pocket pc wouldn't be sufficient enough but let me tell you. With a wireless USB keyboard and Xbox one controller this is exactly what I needed. So easy to setup and by plugging it into a USB hub for an Ethernet connection, makes it absolutely fast.

  • Dorine White - Loved it!

    Jessa lives with her father in the supernatural community of Stratford, Connecticut. She is a fierce alpha she-wolf with four best friends, the Compass brothers. Four quads that each have a remarkable power of their own- Braxton is a dragon shifter, Maximus a vampire, Jacob is fey and Tyson is a wizard. Together they are Jessa's "pack".

  • Jack - Very Good!

    this unicycle is very nice. It looks sleek and is a little big. Notice that it is a little tall and it takes a while to learn to ride. But that's what you should expect from a unicycle. :) Worth the money. Lots of Fun!

  • TMass'n'Vegas - Cover up gone bad

    Do not rely on this.product to cover up the hair shaft and hide polutants, does not cleanse either. Hair test failed due to this product, after following directions 100%.

  • Violetness - HORRIBLE, buggy software

    I have used Quicken for years, and I am SO frustrated with this version. I was forced to upgrade in order to keep downloading transactions from my bank. That's funny - because now, I can't download transactions from my bank! 3x in the last 3 weeks, Quicken just quits getting my transactions when I use the updater. I have had to have lengthy support chats each time, with someone from a foreign country in order to fix it. I'm on with them again as we speak, trying to fix it again, after just having been through this a few days ago. Don't buy this - find an alternative if at all possible.

  • EVEliason - The acting is horrible, the setting is cheap and the make-up fx ...

    I normally don't watch "B" movies. I decided to take a chance on this one because the storyline seemed interesting. I had to stop 5 minutes into the film. The acting is horrible, the setting is cheap and the make-up fx is child-like.

  • Zitschy - Good for light worn

    Some what difficult to attach guard to device. Light weight and functional if you do not have a lot to do. Serves my purpose I guess with no worry about gasoline or electric cords. It was difficult to keep on. I am more patient than most. Make sure you have it fully charged before using. Ran for almost an hour on full charge then wouldn't work. Took me a few minutes to realize it needed recharging.