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Intlife: Pain Management, Wellbeing Management, integrative health - with Paulo Quadros - Paulo Quadros and INTLIFE aim to help fill gaps currently existent in the NHS, taking a logical approach to pain management and true health. No therapy is completely effective and pain affects different people in different ways. Effective pain treatment or management requires a multidisciplinary approach addressing a variety of factors such as mental/emotional, nutritional, environmental and physical. Non-pharmacological tools for chronic pain management should be provided by the NHS for different reasons explained in this website.

  • http://www.pquadros.com/page155.html Declaration of Montreal - Pain management is a human right. Despite a number of government reports, recommendations and positive research published throughout a period of many years, very little has been done that has directly and positively affected people with chronic pain. People in pain need action NOW.
  • http://www.pquadros.com/DYNAMICRELEASE.html DYNAMIC RELEASE ™: pain management, mental health support, well-being, training - Dynamic Release ™ is a form of extremely non-invasive physical intervention (brief bodywork or bodypsychotherapy) integrating elements of the most effective therapies used in pain management, stress management, mental health support and general well-being.

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  • Amazon Customer - I love you #Raid🐜

    I received my #FreeSample from #PINCHme. I know my neighbor's in the apartments I'm in ,had them a few months ago. The traps are self contained and clean.Yay to my relief and reassurance from a brand I trust #Raid no bedbugs!

  • Ricardo - New Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 works with Windows 8 Professional

    New version installed easily and works with Windows 8 although not really a fully "app" format. Shortcut can be made to Start screen, and leads back to old Windows 7 style desktop to run Quicken Rental. Program wise very similar to last year's version, no real operational improvements that I could detect so far. Quicken pdf printer which installs as part of load cannot be used in other programs, which is unfortunate since could be another small benefit to buying such an expensive software.

  • dale hartmann - Not worth it ~~ buy another name brand ~~ do plenty of research and ask someone who owns the product how they like it

    It was a toss up between hate and I don't like it. I go for both. I have had 2 of these metal detectors. They are a piece of cow manure. I would have hoped that when you pay $180 per unit that it would last more than 2 years. It must be made in china cause everything that is made there last a year and 2 if you are lucky. My units were not abused in any way. Unless you consider walking and scanning with it abuse. NOT. The area where the batteries are keeps opening up, the coil just beeps and beeps and there is nothing to find. Just generally didn't perform the way I feel it should have. And I must say that White's customer service sucks eggs, non responsive, don't do as requested, then charges up the ying ying for things you didn't even ask for. And then to add insult to injury the metal detector didn't ever work after all that expense. After spending $360 to buy these and a couple hundred to not get it fixed properly, I am in the research phase of looking for a new detector. I do not recommend spending money on this unit.