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Premier Healthcare Placerville - El Dorado County, California - We are the first PAIN RELIEF CLINIC in El Dorado County offering Integrated Health Services under one roof

  • http://www.premierhealthcareplacerville.com/about-us/meet-our-doctors/ Premier Healthcare Placerville, CA - Our Doctors and Chiropractors - Our doctors offer medical pain management, chiropractic, low back and neck pain relief, physical therapy, auto injury recovery, weight loss, fibromyalgia treatment, massage & so much more.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • bjdub82 - Does not live up to the reviews I read....

    I was so excited about this, hearing it was better than the Amope. However, when I received it, I was seriously let down. It has no power to it. I touch it lightly to my skin, not even pressing, and it stops turning. I wrote the company explaining my concerns that maybe something was defective with it. I even tried different batteries. I never heard one word from the company. I should probably just try to return it because it was a waste of money. Should have spent the extra and went with Amope.

  • Anon - This cleans as well as sanitizes

    I don't understand some of these reviews, i took a chance after reading them to try it, and it does a great job at cleaning for me. It has brought a luster to the hardwoods like they are new, and even cleaned some spots i thought were permanent on the kitchen hardwoods.

  • P. Zimmerman - "Aroma" is toxic

    All I wanted was a simple looking single burner to boil water for tea. It states in the manual that you should turn it on to the High setting for a few minutes before using. When I did this, a burning plastic sort of smell-toxic-fume filled the room. I turned it off and waited for it to cool down, then took it to my kitchen, placed it under the vent hood and turned it on High again, this time for 3 hours!!!. It still stinks up the room as soon as I turn it on. This thing is horrible.

  • Mark Rhodes - Unanswered questions and lacking references

    I have been a long time GERD victim so I am hopeful that the acid supplementation the author recommends will work for me. However, I have unanswered questions. The author states that acid supplementation can eliminate heartburn in many people that have low acid levels. He does not explain how low stomach acid levels actually causes heartburn. He writes that the culrpit is the LES and not the acid, but he never closes the loop and explains how or if the low acid levels casues the LES to open. To me, this seems like an important part of the picture. My other gripe is that that he has no references for the core of his treatment plan: HCL supplementation. There are scores of references for other topics but none are about taking extra HCL. This leaves me wondering if he is the only proponent of HCL supplementation.

  • shawn - Paid to lease a game. I own nothing.

    Usually in the world of trading goods, as a consumer, I trade my money for something that becomes mine; I own it. This is most exemplified when purchasing most any video game. Not in this case! I paid EA to lease a game, Sim City 5. They choose when I play and how I play. All of this in an effort to combat piracy of a few hundred copies, masked with the poor excuse of creating cities with friends. Do some math, you just lost thousands of sales and future sales by word of mouth of the world's most failed game release.

  • I love Amazon 2 - Make sure to measure for a correct fit

    I ordered the Mava Knee Sleeves for a relative of mine who is dedicated to working out. Make sure that you measure the circumference of the knee area to get the correct fit. Don't order smaller thinking the compression is going to be any better because it will not and you will be stuck with something you can not wear. I love the fact that these sleeves come in different colors. I picked the red. The next thing I like about the product is the fact that you are actually receiving a pair of the sleeves. So many other vendors sell only one sleeve at a time. My relative indicated that the sleeves were easy to put on and one good tug assured a great fit. He indicated that while he went through his workout at the gym the sleeves were comfortable and did not get in the way of his workout. He enjoys the knee sleeves so much that he is wearing them now as recovery sleeves after his workout and during basketball games. He indicated he would rather hand wash these sleeves and they have held up after several washing I received this product for free or at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.

  • Jim Enzler - Not sure I can state significant difference taking these vitamins ...

    Not sure I can state significant difference taking these vitamins, but am relying on the testing data that says they are one of the top rated