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www.realfirstaid.co.uk Review:

REAL First Aid - REAL First Aid are specialists in Remote First Aid and Pre-Hospital Training and Support. We specialise in the design and delivery of practical, pragmatic, scenario based training from basic skills, First Aid at Work, First Person on Scene ( FPOS ) and bespoke training.

  • http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/1001/ 1001 Reasons — REAL First Aid - There is more than one reason to choose REAL First Aid:  Find out how we justify our claim to providing the best possible First Aid and pre-hospital medical training for remote, industrial and hostile environments.
  • http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/quality/ Quality Assurance — REAL First Aid - The 2013 Changes to the approval of Training Providers to deliver First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work now places the onus on employers to satisfy themselves through Due Diligence that their chosen provider is both appropriate and credible. Download our Quality Assurance document, view our policies and find out how we benchmark quality.
  • http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/stealthlearning/ Stealth Learning — REAL First Aid - For learning to be effective the candidate has to be receptive to it but there is a paradox in that if you tell someone to learn, they instantly don't want to; this is why mandatory training can sometimes be an 'attendance course'.  For learning to be effective the candidate must want to learn.  How do change someone's mindset and motivate them to learn?   Well, you can't.  What you can do is not let them realise they are learning.  Stealth Learning if you like.
  • http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/remotefirstaid/ Remote First Aid — REAL First Aid - Lifesaving skills and injury management for remote environmentsRemote First Aid
  • http://www.realfirstaid.co.uk/fpos/ First Person On Scene® (FPOS) — REAL First Aid - Practical skills for Remote, Industrial and Hostile environmentsFirst Person on Scene

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