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  • ProductSense - Macbook Air for 1/3 the cost

    I just got the Samsung Chromebook 3 3G and I'm pretty happy with it so far - less than 24 hours. I purged Microsoft Windows from my work and house about a year ago and have loved it since. I'm quite technical but I found myself spending way too much time maintaining my Windows computers - anti-virus, anti-malware, getting corporate grade firewalls, patching, de-fragging, etc. I had a almost brand new Dell Optiplex and it was slowing to a crawl after less than 1 year with all the normal gumming up with the above updates.

  • Pompip - Product returned, not Amazon fault.

    Wife has blond or grey hair, decided having read all the words it was not suitable for her. Confirmed by an independent person in the industry that it was not a good choice.

  • Amazon Customer - These salespeople are so good and so well trained

    These salespeople are so good and so well trained. I saw it coming, and opted to see what they had to say. Finially, said to them, you've been scammed, my intention was to see how they handled my rejection at not purchasing the product. OMG...... they were so so good, and so well trained at how to answer. Gold Elements should be ashamed of themselves!!!

  • Angela A Stanton, PhD - You have not tasted baked vegetables and potatoes until you cook them in this machine!

    Well let me tell you something. I had this from many years ago but over used it so I bough this newer model. I rarely cook anywhere else! It cooks vegetables better than anywhere. I bake potatoes in this that is to sing about. I now can finally cook larger meals because of the added ring that allows even a turkey to be put inside. I use it now for everything and love how tasty everything comes out. I also enjoy not having to fuss over my meals... put it in, turn it on, and done. That simple. If this every dies on me, I will buy the 3rd one! I will never be without one!