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Semo RX - Home - L & S Pharmacy is a community based pharmacy located at the corner of Main and Marshall in Charleston, MO.  L & S has been owned and operated by

  • http://www.semorx.com/MedicalArts/Default.aspx Medical Arts - Home - Your Hometown Pharmacy For Over 40 YearsWe are a community practice pharmacy that offers one on one, get to know you pharmacist care.
  • http://www.semorx.com/LandS/Default.aspx L and S Pharmacy - Home - Your Hometown Pharmacy For Over 40 YearsWe are a community practice pharmacy that offers one on one, get to know you pharmacist care.&

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  • Lieve - outstanding & powerful

    I more than liked the story. In fact I loved it. Willow and Lauren are both amazing authors. I so appreciate the time they took to beautifully paint a picture of Elizabeth & Liam . I came away really feeling like I knew them and loved them immediatly . Tempted has it's own unique style , so I could not put this book down, the twists and turns in the story were almost addictive and the ending came as a emotional surprise to me . Don 't hesitate because this outstanding and powerful story is well worth the read ! Great job ladies , you took me on a very emotional rollercoaster with TEMPTED and I really hope that Zac & Nat get their own stories too .

  • BooRoo - Good product, but not enough practice tests and answer explanations insuffficient

    I wished this book came with more than the x2 practice tests in the book. i also think that the explanations for the answer choices are very insufficient. If you are wanting to study complex problems and then understand why the correct answer choice is the correct one, you will be disappointed. However, I do give this product 4 stars and not 3 because the online supplement did offer 6 practice tests and hundreds of other practice problems; however, they are all online.

  • fbinthesouth - Great for people that don't play- and still reasons to buy for those that do.

    I've played off and on for 25 years and thought this just "looked neat". It was on sale so I bought it. That was a year ago. I'm buying another for my friend that is just learning guitar because this "game" sucks you into practicing for hours and hours.

  • B.Boru - Must allow Intuit to know when you import transactions.

    Purchased Quicken 2014 Home and Business on DVD, upgrading from Quicken Home and Business 2011. The installation was quick, smooth, and seamless. I like the improved debt reduction planning tool, and the slight improvements to interfaces. I do not use the mobile features, and I do not allow automatic linkage to my accounts. I prefer to keep my accounts and software unlinked. Discovered today that I have to provide an Intuit logon and password to import my manually downloaded bank files.I should not and do not want to have to do this. Back to MS Money Home and Business which I still have installed. Apparently this is new to 2014. Sorry Intuit but my banking is not your business. Remove the login requirement and I may use it again.

  • TSmith - Don't waste your money on this game.

    Got the demo and played it, it was just enough to get me excited about the game so I purchased it via DirectToDrive - Fileplanet. I've been a long time member of both.

  • Tiffburn - Best investment you can make towards your future

    I'm not taking the GRE until next summer but I wanted to get a good idea for what to expect. I've tried online sites that give you practice tests, but none of them guide you on WHY the answer is the answer. This book is amazing. It teaches you not only tricks for cutting down your time while choosing an answer, but little general tidbits about the exam itself. I love the book so much I bought a second one for a friend who is also testing next year!