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Editorial Jurdica Sepn - Soluciones jurdicas en tiempo rcord para abogados y dems profesionales del Derecho: bases de datos, librera, biblioteca online y mucho ms

  • http://www.sepin.es/informacion-legal/aviso-legal.asp Aviso Legal - Condiciones Generales de uso y contratacin para compra online de libros. Facil somos especialistas
  • http://www.sepin.es/cronus4plus/ Base de Datos Jurídica Cronus 4 Plus | Editorial Sepín - Jurisprudencia, legislación, doctrina, consultas y formularios en una base de datos general donde el abogado podrá encontrar información jurídica de manera rápida y sencilla
  • http://www.sepin.es/servicios_n/ Editorial Sepín | Base de datos de contenidos jurídicos - Análisis de Jurisprudencia, Doctrina, Consultas, Legislación, Reformas Legales, Formularios, Actualidad jurídica y utilidades.

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  • Eddie - Only used it twice

    We had a roach problem when we first moved into our house, and it looked like more roaches were coming out after we put dog food out. Every time we turned on the light, there would be a bunch scrambling or attempting to hide. I used this product like how it was instructed, placed lines in areas where roaches look like they would go.

  • You can call me Mike - Heroine too helpless for my taste

    The main character is pitched from one thing to another by her extreme emotional reactions. For example, her throat almost closes when she sees her day-old case is in the newspaper. It opens again when she sees her friend wrote the article. It made me wonder how she gets through a bad day alive. The author is trying to portray the character's reactions, but they are over the top. She's supposedly a doctor but she seems like a child. It felt like pandering. I suspect some of the smart, strong women I know would find this heroine equally annoying. My wife agreed the scene above sounded 'over the top'.