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Online Pharmacy Whitechapel | Online Doctor Consultation - Shantys Pharmacy is NHS approved online pharmacy in Whitechapel serving community for over 30 years and also provides Online Doctor Consultation, repeat prescription, travel vaccinations service etc.

  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/contact.aspx Pharmacy Online | Online Doctor | Travel Clinic | Pharmacy Whitechapel - Find the Best Pharmacy in Whitechapel, London, E1 using the Shantys Pharmacy Online Store.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/about-us.aspx Pharmacy E1 | Pharmacy Whitechapel - Shantys Pharmacy - Find the Best Pharmacy in Whitechapel, London, E1 using the Shantys Pharmacy Online Store.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/133/travel-clinic-london.aspx Travel Vaccinations London | Travel Clinic London - we provide a pharmacist-led, walk-in travel clinic. We administer all vaccines for travel (including Meningitis ACWY vaccine for Hajj and Umrah), and we provide antimalarial without prescription.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/132/erectile-dysfunction-treatment.aspx Erectile Dysfunction Treatment | Online Doctor | Doctor Online | Pharmacy E1 - At Shantys Pharmacy, we offer a discreet and confidential service for those men affected by ED. We offer a private consultation with the pharmacist.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/130/morning-after-pill-online-uk.aspx Morning After Pill Online | Morning After Pill Online UK - Shantys Pharmacy Provides Expertise Advice for Morning after Pill (Contraceptive pills). If you’ve had unprotected sex in the past 72 hours and are worried about getting pregnant, find out about the morning after pill
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/131/-hair-loss-treatment.aspx Hair Loss Treatment | Pharmacy E1 | Pharmacy Whitechapel - At Shantys Pharmacy, we provide Regaine for male and female-pattern baldness. Our pharmacist is also able to provide prescription only treatment for male-pattern baldness.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/139/nhs-smoking-cessation-service.aspx NHS Smoking Cessation Service | Pharmacy E1 | Pharmacy Whitechapel - Shantys Pharmacy is committed to helping people give up smoking, and thus improve their health. Our three qualified smoking cessation advisors are here to help you quit smoking.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/134/flu-vaccine-pharmacy.aspx Flu Vaccine Pharmacy | Online Pharmacy - Shantys Pharmacy Flu Vaccines Service. Flu is a major cause of sickness each winter. The symptoms can be unbearable and prevent daily activities
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/136/nhs-flu-vaccine-service.aspx NHS Flu Vaccine Service | Repeat Prescriptions | Pharmacy Whitechapel - Shantys Pharmacy Flu Vaccines Service. We are currently vaccinating all patients who are London residents, above the age of 16, and belong in an at risk group on the NHS, free of charge.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/140/nhs-new-medicine-service.aspx NHS New Medicine Service | Repeat Prescriptions | Online Pharmacy - Shantys Pharmacy offer NHS New Medicine Service. Read about the New Medicine Service and find out how your Shanty's Pharmacy can support you in taking care of your condition.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/141/nhs-medicines-use-reviews.aspx NHS Medicines Use Reviews | Repeat Prescriptions | Online Pharmacy - Shantys Pharmacy offer NHS Medicines Use Reviews service to ensure that all patients are using their repeat medicines correctly.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/142/nhs-delivery-service.aspx NHS Delivery Service | Travel Vaccinations | Doctor Online - Shantys Pharmacy offer NHS Delivery Service for housebound and elderly patients who reside within E1, E2 or E3 post codes free of charge.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/services/143/nhs-electronic-prescription-service-(eps).aspx NHS Electronic Prescription Service - The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows NHS prescriptions to be raised, signed, and received electronically. It eliminates the need for paper and the physical act of picking up the prescription and taking it to the pharmacy for dispensing.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/repeat-prescriptions.aspx Repeat Prescriptions | Online Pharmacy - If you suffer from a long-term condition and use repeat NHS prescription from an online pharmacy, then use our online Repeat Prescriptions Service to manage your medication.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/conditiontreatmentSearch.aspx Shantys Pharmacy Health Guides | Pharmacy E1 | Pharmacy Whitechapel - Shantys Pharmacy help you manage your own health and stay fit and healthy. To help you do this we have produced three health guides which are available to view.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/healthnews.aspx Health News | Repeat Prescriptions | Travel Vaccinations | Travel Clinic London - Get the latest health news and wellbeing advice from the Shantys Pharmacy, including family health, diet and fitness.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/travelclinic.aspx Travel Clinic London | Travel Clinic Whitechapel - At Shantys Pharmacy we provide a full range of travel clinic services, support and assistance, before, during and after your trip including: travel vaccinations, travel immunizations, travel medicine and travel injections.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/online-doctor-consultation.aspx Online Doctor Consultation UK - Shantys Pharmacy have teamed up with Pharma Doctor to provide patients with an Online Consultation service for certain prescription.
  • http://www.shantyspharmacy.co.uk/booking.aspx Pharmacy Whitechapel | Travel Clinic London | Pharmacy E1 - Appointment times are 9am-12pm and 3pm-6pm, except on Tuesdays when morning appointments start at 10am.

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  • S.S.X. - No results yet

    after 5 weeks all I see is my scalp tingles and itches. It hasn't done anything else yet. Don't think I'll continue to use it.

  • Yvette - Greatest Fat Burner

    These pills are great, I did not feel jittery at all like others pills I tried in the past. I actually ordered my second bottle, just waiting for it to arrive any day. This is by far the best Fat Burner ever. I am defenitely staying with this product.

  • happy customer - Absolutely essential.

    An excellent and essential product if you own a computer. Acronis has saved me from catastrophic failure twice now. It is like computer insurance.

  • Sarah Galey - great

    This book is a great reference when I get stuck while using QB at work. I recommend it for anyone who uses the program.

  • CaliAmazonia - Lasted 14 days

    Well...it didn't fit great out of the box. I wasn't too surprised that it didn't have the factory "snap" when installed. So we babied it a bit when we put the k-cups in. And then this morning, the needle bent and junked it. I figure 14 days = 30 cups of coffee before failure? And it was babied the whole time? Not good. Definitely not a factory equivalent part. We'll put the second one in, but I sure won't buy it again. Time to look elsewhere.

  • LASO - he was disappointed as he did not feel the beer tasted any ...

    Bought for my husband at Father's Day ... he was disappointed as he did not feel the beer tasted any different, and not like draft. Can use it to keep beer cool though.

  • Aaron Acosta - The ratio of water to product must be dispensed with ...

    The ratio of water to product must be dispensed with a pump sprayer and can not be dispensed with a hose sprayer.