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  • Patsy - Weight limit not what advertised

    The write up in Amazon list the weight limit as 300 lbs, which is why I picked this chair. When it arrived the package information says the weight limit is only 242 lbs. I needed a chair for a heavier person. Other than that everything seems good.

  • Sunshine - ... i have needed for some time and am so glad i finally found the right one for me

    A camcorder is something that i have needed for some time and am so glad i finally found the right one for me. It is a nice slim and easy to hold onto HD Video Camcorder. It is a nice comfortable size which is great it. I didn't want a big bulky camcorder. It is a Digital Video Camcorder that works great and is so wonderful for capturing all those special moments.

  • Amazon Customer - I really like this product

    I have been using my cancooler product for about a week and it has done everything it is supposed to do. The bottom fits perfectly in my car drink holder, the outside stays dry. I don't have all this moisture all over the sides without it freezing my hands when I use it. The drink is what stays cold. I have dropped it once and nothing happened it's very durable. It looks the same. I have only used can for it . I haven't used any bottles yet. I really like this product. I did receive this product at a discount price in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • RonB - Haven't taken my FAA test just yet but practice exam ...

    Haven't taken my FAA test just yet but practice exam scores I am getting are in the high 90's - worth the small investment to pass the exam and FLY!

  • Lisa N - Easy installation and they look amazing, very quality!

    I love this stainless steel solar garden lights set. The set up was so easy and it made my garden look amazing.