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  • anne - It works, however...

    It works, however the squirrels can get out. Within an hour of setting the trap I had 2 squirrels. I then made the mistake of leaving the trap out longer to catch more. By morning they had discovered how to open the door and trap was empty. I now retrieve the cage as soon as they are caught.

  • Tino Quiñones - Almost the perfect case.

    It's almost the perfect case, but the leather is a bit large. I've compared it to other larger cases and this one is s lot better in many ways and the TPU case fits my GS7e perfect.

  • Amazon Customer - I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet

    I thought it was for both ears but I guess it just is for one ear. I do like the sound and the range is about 20 feet.

  • Jasmine L. Liu - Seller is great, accidentally had it go to the wrong address ...

    Seller is great, accidentally had it go to the wrong address and they contacted me and reshipped to the correct one. However the bar itself is only ok. It leaves my skin feeling filmy, but so far haven't had any major issues with it, will have to see how it goes from here.

  • Vivian's Mom - Improved Health

    I take 1 tablespoon per day in a glass of water or with my protein drink. It has no flavor or texture so it is very easy to incorporate into my diet. My aches and pains are 90% gone, my acne cleared up, my blood sugar has stabilized, my energy is way up. My constant chest congestion and stuffy nose are completely gone. I am taking this to get rid of candida but the health benefits are truly amazing. I will take this for the rest of my life and definitely be reordering from this company.