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  • Michael Otis - great value

    Went to the driving range for a test ride. Overall happy with the entire set. Still getting comfortable with the drivers, but adapted to the hybrids and irons immediately. Putter is excellent. Found that I am going to have to add a 3 and 5 iron to the set since these were frequently used in my last set and I am missing them in certain situations. Highly recommend to the occasional golfer...

  • Assetman - Bring Back Hard Cover

    Have used the Almanac for 20 years. It is full of anecdotes and history. I also use it to write down historic moments that take place in the markets over the course of the year. I appreciate the quotes from pillars of the industry on each day. Unfortunately, this year, the hard cover has become a spiral bound version. It appears "cheap". It certainly is not going to be added to the shelf with all the past year's hard cover versions. Perhaps Wiley would reconsider their decision to change the format. I would certainly pay for a quality cover that is equal to the quality of the contents.

  • Amazon Customer - Pain Relief Without The Stench!

    I teceived a sample of LivRelief from PinchMe. I was really excited because I wanted to give it to my mom who has terrible back and knee pain. There are many days she can barely walk and spends a lot of time in constant pain. Few topical creams provide the level of relief she needs to get through her day. The sample arrived in two small, foil packaged that were eady to open and easy to dispense the cream from. First surprise is that it had a light, pleasant scent unlike other strong smelling creams shes used to using. She used the first packet on a day she had a lot of walking to do as a test for how affective it would be. She liked that it was non greasy and absorbed into the skin fairly quickly.. One of the things she noticed and appreciated is that there was no burning sensation as she's experienced with other topical creams. She felt it was rather fast acting and she did have a moderate amount of pain relief which she hasn't had in awhile without pain meds.

  • L. Martin - Great product

    I really liked it and would like to order more. How can I order again for same price and for addition info?

  • Brackish - not effective at all

    My front loading HE washer started to smell badly so I tried this product. I repeated the application three times in a row. After the third time the washer still smelled as if I hadn't done anything. I then tried a cup of clorex bleach and that had a minimal effect. Reading another review I started to put a quarter cup of twenty mule team borax in with each load and cut the HE liquid detergent in half. After about thirty loads the smell was completely gone. So now every load has a quarter cup of Borax and half the recommended detergent which actually saves money. I don't mix them in the detergent dispenser, the liquid goes in there and I just throw the Borax in with the load.

  • Cathy - Needs additional information

    good information, but often difficult to know where the place was located. Place descriptions with maps coordinates, such as D3, G1, etc. would be beneficial.